Christmas Gifts for the Bearded Man 2018

Christmas gifts for mem

Christmas Gifts for the Bearded Man – Having a Bearded Man in mind when choosing a gift may be difficult or easy… I mean, just how well does he take that beard? Well regardless of whether he is a newbie, has a badly managed mush or takes things very, VERY seriously we have some ideas. […]

Oil Can Grooming – Extended Range – 2018

Oil Can Grooming Angels Share Shave Oil

Oil Can Grooming – Extended Range We don’t hide the fact that we love Oil Can Grooming. The scents smell amazing, the ingredients are top brass and the presentation is as cool as! So we were chuffed when we heard there was additions to the range. Oil Can Grooming add Angels’ Share Beard Oil to […]

Some of the Best Beard Oils UK right now (2018 Updated)

Best Beard Oils UK 2018 Get 10% off our recommend Beard Oils – Find the code at the bottom of the blog Best Beard Oils UK – There are a lot of men out there rocking great beards all year round. Growing or managing your beard is and should be key to daily grooming range. Lets, […]

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