“Do what you love and you do not work a day in your life”. When a dream is so important to be realized, it means that at the base there are passion, knowledge, craft, will. Barber Mind was born exactly in this way, from my dream, from the dream of Hiroshi Vitanza aka Hiro. The passion and knowledge of the barber craft since childhood, the setting of an entire life around that before becoming a brand is a lifestyle, a way of seeing things and thinking: the Barber mind. The desire to create a line of products 100% made in Italy where tradition, highest quality, research and development, innovation, style and creativity were the foundations, the roots, the Roots. Proud to carry on a trade born in Italy and a willingness to give all professionals of the trade a line of products that can be a tool to make more and higher quality services”   Hiro –  Hiro Barber Shop

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