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Hair Building Fibre

Befaf Hair Building Fibre is a fantastic hair thickening product for thinning hair and hair loss. It only contains 100% natural hair building fibre ingredients. Add this hair thickener to dry hair and style. Simply shake the hair building fibre, pat down and use a holding spray. Within seconds the hair fibre can cover thinning hair and hair loss and continue on your day. This hair thickening treatment can become part of your daily routine with no disruption or time consuming process. Hair building fibre will be undetectable and look natural with your existing hair. Hair Building Fibres are 100% safe for men and women.

How to Use
1. For best results, wash or shower you hear as you would in your daily routine.
2. Dry your hair as normal but ensure your hair is completely dry.
3. You can shake the hair building fibre directly onto the scalp or hold above and shake evenly over the thinning area.
4. Blend the fibres or pat down, which ever suits your hair style..
5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have the desired coverage.
6. Apply a holding spray or hair spray to lock in place.