Christmas Gifts for the Bearded Man 2019

Christmas gifts for mem

Christmas Gifts for the Bearded Man – Having a Bearded Man in mind when choosing a gift may be difficult or easy… I mean, just how well does he take that beard? Well regardless of whether he is a newbie, has a badly managed mush or takes things very, VERY seriously we have some ideas. We will be updating our list as new products arrive on the build up to Christmas. But checkout Befaf for the best products for men.

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Christmas Gifts for the Bearded Man
Apothecary 87 is a seriously cool brand for a man with a serious beard. Their range covers hair and shaving products too. But their scents in beard oil continue to have a great following.
Proraso Beard Care Tin - Azur Lime
Proraso Beard Care Tin Azur Lime is a great retro tin that is ideal for a gift. There are other scents available and each contains a beard oil, balm and wash,
Zeus are an amazing American brand. They have a number of gifts sets in different ranges. They have beard shampoo and conditioners right up to the huge sets with oils and brushes too.
Captain Fawcett Eau De Parfum, Moustache Wax & Beard Oil Gift Set
Captain Fawcett is a quality British brand that keeps giving to the lucky bearded people. Unique blends that you can only get from the Captain. A true Christmas Gifts for the Bearded Man
Morgans Pomade Luxury Gift Case
Morgan’s Pomade have been around forever. But that is great as their range is extensive and they offer a superb selection of beard and hair products.
Japanese Robot Mug
Robot Mug – If you are still unsure, play it safe and give him a seriously cool mug. You can’t go wrong 😆🎁😁
Vintage Retro Record Rack (Black)
Part of our Retro range – how about a Vintage Record rack for the guys that love vinyl.

Check out the Befaf Christmas Shop

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