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Oil Can Grooming

Oil Can Grooming say that “An Oil Can is the most basic but critical appliance of the mechanical age. Born of the industrial revolution it is an essential and robust tool. Keeping machinery and moving parts in prime condition and running smoothly. Something we want our products to do for you.

By name and by nature.

First and foremost, we make quality products. Quality is at the heart of our company. We strive to create the best. Made in the UK – our beard oils are blended from fine ingredients. They do what they say on the can. Tame. Strengthen. Condition.

Hell – they smell great too!”

We at Befaf have been a huge fan of this range. The packaging is truly unique, the product is exceptionally great. Made with quality ingredients and the scent of the Beard Oil UK is fantastic. We strive to bring the best beard oils, beard blams and products for men’s hair in one shop. This range here we think that this range sits at the top of the tree. A great product that won’t let you down. Following their success of quality Beard Oil it made perfect sense that they release a great shave oil too. Check it out.

Apply 2-3 drops of beard oil in the palm of your hands, rubbing them together to spread the oil. Then, comb your hands through your beard pushing up against the hair working the oil throughout. Continue to massage into your hair then finally use a beard comb or brush to reshape your beard into your desired style & that’s it, simply leave the oil in for your beard to soak up all the natural goodness. (For best results apply beard oil straight after a hot shower- so your pours are open and your beard hair is softer).