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Morgan’s Pomade

Morgan’s Pomade was established in 1873. The name Morgan’s is famous throughout the World. We are proud to be an independent manufacturer. Over a billion jars of the original Morgan’s Pomade have been sold worldwide. We pride ourselves on high-quality luxury hair and beauty products using the best expertly sourced raw ingredients and the latest technologies. Our products include the Professional Barber’s Retro range and the ever popular hair darkening products.

The range of products is fantastic, cover all aspects of Hair and Beard grooming. Quality jars, great smelling product British product. Lot’s of Love for Morgan’s Pomade.

For most pomades, hair should be damp, close to dry, but not dry or wet. Too much water dilutes the product and holds while dry hair makes it harder to evenly distribute the pomade. That being said, some formulas should be applied to dry hair. Just check the instructions on your product of choice. Some formulas will also have a shinier finish when applied to damp hair and more matte finish when applied to dry. Guys with curly or wavy hair should always apply the product to damp hair.

How to Apply Morgan’s Pomade

Most pomades will be hard and need to be warmed up before use. Start by scraping a pea-sized amount out of the jar, place it on one palm, and rub them together until the product is warmed up. It is always better to start with just a little bit of product because you can always add more but don’t want to put in too much.

With both hands, start by rubbing the product into the roots of hair like you are working in shampoo. Then pull fingers up to the ends and repeat until the pomade is evenly distributed. If you are going for a combed look, repeat with a comb.

Now work hair into the desired hairstyle. For slick backs or side parts, comb hair in one direction. For spikes, pull hair straight up with pinched fingers. For textured styles, pinch small sections of hair together.