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Dick Johnson

Dick Johnson hair and beard products rocked up from Finland in style. With pure attitude, their products hold their own. Unique scents in this quality brand keep them different from everything else out there. Quality beard oils, Hair Pomade, Hair Fibre and Beard Wash come from the rock n roll barbers.

Let’s not forget their Ball Wax!! It’s about time someone stepped up and got us guys giving time to our nuts. Shaved balls and tight jeans may be common but slap some ball wax on to help with irritation and keeping the skin moisturised.

here are other ways in which Beard Wash benefits your whiskers in a way that hair shampoo doesn’t:

  • High-quality beard washes contain ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and anti-bacterial to promote a healthy, great-looking beard that’s also comfortable.
  • Comfort is sometimes a life-or-death (OK, not literally) issue for men who suffer from beard itch. Beard itch is a common problem among beardsmen. A lack of sufficient hydration is the cause of many beard “annoyances,” not the least of which is beard itch. Another cause of beard itch are infections of the hair follicles caused by bacteria, as well as the itchiness caused by irritated, inflamed, and scaly skin.
  • Another beard annoyance is beard dandruff, aka beardruff – those pesky flakes of dry skin that occur when a beard becomes too dry. And it’s not necessarily your fault because the longer your beard gets, the more natural oils it takes to meet the demand of your hair follicles. In most cases, there’s not enough oil to keep up with the growth, which is why moisturizing products such as Beard Oil, and Beard Balm are must-haves for your beard grooming kit.
  • Beard washes and shampoos – which are the same thing, btw – are formulated to manage your beard’s oil content at the most suitable levels. Any product that’s too oily and greasy leads to too oily and greasy skin. The same is true of products, such as many regular shampoos, which wash away too much oil and leave your beard and the skin underneath it too dry.
  • Products not intended for use on the beard, such as shampoo used on the scalp and head hair, can weaken the roots of your facial hair follicles which, in turn, increases the chances of them falling out, breaking, or developing weakened roots that impact their long-term health.