Some of the Best Beard Balms in the UK right now 2019

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Best Beard Balms UK 2018


Best Beard Balms – What you need to know:

You have grown a killer beard or just enough that the bad boy needs some control. Then a Best Beard Balms is the way to go. It works like a hair product for your beard. Enriching your beard with goodness and giving it the control to make sure you can control the animal.


Apothecary 87 Beard Balm

Apothecary 87 have one great beard balm. Presented in a squeezable tube the balm has a light natural hold. Apothecary 87 worked closely with Canadian beard model Josh Mario John to produce a balm with a sweet maple syrup scent.


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Captain Fawcett Beard Balms

Captain Fawcett keep producing great and yet different beard balms. Their 3 key balms are the Private Stock, Booze and Baccy and Barberism. Captain Fawcett use a unique fusion of cream waxes and 10 essential oils in their balms. They offer something for everyone whether it is the fresh smelling Barbarism or the manly smell of Boozed and Baccy.

Captain Fawcett Beard Balm

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Zeus Beard Balm

Currently available Unscented this balm is all the way from the states and is packed with goodness. Sunflower seed oil, Jojoba seed oil, Hemp Seed Oil will keep your beard conditioned and healthy. Zeus claim that this is a great choice for guys with sensitive skin.


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Dr K Beard Balms

Produced in Ireland the Beard Balms are presented in a classic Tabaco tin. Dr K Soap Company 100% Hand Make their Balms using all natural ingrediants. Shea butter for conditioning and Cocunut Oil and Vitamin E sooth and revitalise the beard. Whack in some Beeswax to keep the hold. Balms are currently Lemon and Lime and Peppermint/

Dr. K. Beard Balm with Lemon n Lime

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Pomp & Co Beard Balm

Another one from Ireland Pomp and Co have named named it Supreme Balm. This one is great for face stubble too. It contains aloe vera and avocado oil, wheat germ and olive oil and has a non greasy, non shine finish.

Pomp & Co Supreme Beard & Stubble Balm 2oz

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Morgan’s Pomade Beard Cream

Morgan’s Pomade have been around forever… well since 1873. They have a massive range for hair beard and men’s maintenance. Their Moustache and Beard Cream is packed with Aloe Vera and Virgin Oil and will leave your beard smelling fresh.

Morgan's Moustache & Beard Cream 75ml

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Something a bit different?

Bear (By Befaf) Beard Moisturiser.

If you want something which is more about the conditioning of your beard rather than the hold, how about our very own Beard Moisturiser? Its for all beard types and helps soften your beard with a great Bleu Noir fragrance. We had this one designed by UK barbers and is manufactured here too.

Bear Beard Moisturiser

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