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Beard Comb

Beard Combs, unlike beard brushes, beard combs are best used on damp hair. The perfect time to comb your beard is right after a shower. This is because the beard will be softer and pliable. You will find it easier to untangle any knots and style the beard properly. You can also use the beard comb while blow drying to style your beard in a particular way and make sure it keeps its shape.

  1. Using the wide teeth, gently comb from the neckline towards your jawline.
  2. If you have a thick beard, comb out in layers for a fuller result.
  3. If you hit a knot or snag, pull the comb out and gently start again.
  4. Comb downwards from your sideburns and cheek line in long, gentle strokes.
  5. Finally, use the narrow teeth on the moustache to brush from the centre towards the sides.

Remember not to comb hard and fast or force your beard through knots as that may pull the hairs out. Furthermore, snags aren’t always knots but just hair growing in the wrong direction. By pulling out and going in again, you’ll avoid irritating your skin.

Finally, remember that combing from the neckline towards the jawbone should be done in layers. This ensures that the hairs stack on another and don’t bunch up. The result is a lush and full beard that is vertical when brushed downwards from the front.

Why not whack on some Beard Balm or Beard Oil? We have a good range of combs here and we will continue to add more of your favourite brands. Stay in touch bro!