5 Men’s Grooming & Style Tips for Winter

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5 Men’s Grooming & Style Tips for Winter

In the past, men have generally had the tendency to pay way less attention to grooming compared to women. A good two-in-one shower and shampoo product was the idea of grooming, but luckily, things have greatly changed. We don’t know whether men have become more interested in grooming since cool hairstyles and impeccable booking beards have become all the rage, but we’re certainly glad they paying more attention to their looks, and more importantly, to the protection and nourishment of their skin. Needless to say, winter is a time when each aspect of grooming needs to be stepped up a notch, along with the style to match, so let’s see what it is we need to be fully protected and look better than Don Draper this winter.

A good head of hair

In the recent years, a man’s hairstyle has become part of his signature look, and unsurprisingly, great hair doesn’t just happen on its own. It takes both effort and great men’s hair productsto be able to walk out the door looking like McDreamy. Aside from a good shampoo and conditioner, there is an entire arsenal that goes into creating a picture-perfect hairstyle. There are waxes to keep those strands in place, pomades that nurture and give that strong healthy shine, so make sure you spite the cold weather with a celeb-worthy hairstyle arsenal.

A gentleman’s choice

Some men like beards, some like a nice clean shave. It’s all a matter of preference as both look equally great. Now, if you’re into that Don Draper clean and sleek look, you want to make sure you use only the finest shaving gear. From shaving creams that will make the hairs softer and less resilient so you don’t end up with cuts and scrapes, to great old-school but enhanced brushes and even oils and after shave lotions – you want only the finest products that will get you the look you want and no war wounds.

The bearded hipster remains

The hipster may be a dead concept, but the love of the beard still reigns supreme. Those who don’t have beards don’t know how difficult it is to maintain them. They gather a great deal of pollutants and bacteria that doesn’t only affect the quality of the beard but can also irritate the skin that lies underneath. Therefore, a bearded man’s bathroom cabinet needs to be filled with beard care productsthat include everything from a special shampoo and even beard conditioner so the skin doesn’t get all flaky and dandruff-y. They also require special waxes and pomades to tame and shape the beard so it looks both attractive and protected from external pollutants. Of course, every bearded guy knows that there is no weathering the winter storm without some extra nourishing bard oil that doesn’t only make the hairs softer and more conditioned, but also helps the skin underneath stay moisturized and clean well. Of course, a good winter facial cream is a must. As important as the condition of the beard is, one must not forget to protect the rest of the skin. Scarves and hats can do only so much, so look for the best winter cleansing and nourishing products on the market. We’re men, and we deserve the best skincare there is.

A fine man indeed

Let’s call a spade a spade. No matter what your personal style preferences are, a man has not entered true manhood until he is in possession of  finely tailored men’s suits– a couple of them for that matter. Now, summer will arrive and we’ll discuss the best summer suits. However, for this type of weather, you need something sturdier, warm, something that exudes power. When in doubt, always go for a grey suit as there are few colors that look so good on a man as this one. Plus, it’s a great and neutral winter color that can be mixed and matched with a variety of shirts, belts and shoes, so you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching. Wool is the obvious choice of fabric – it’s warm, it looks and feels luxurious and whether you’re attending a wedding or have an important business meeting, a suit will give you the boost of confidence you need, and the warmth to spite the winter harshness. Suits for the win.

The final touch

Whether you’re wearing a cardigan over your white shirt, or are a more athletic type who prefers his grey hoodies, you are in dire need for a style upgrade. While an entire book could be written on the style winter necessities, we’ll keep it short and sweet and focus on the one paramount piece – the mighty topcoat. You may be in favor of parkas, but they don’t have the versatility of a well-tailored topcoat. You see, you can wear a coat with a hoodie and still get away with it in the name of the athleisure trend, but there is no way you’re going to look great in a parka while wearing a suit or anything more dressier than a hoodie. Invest in a fine coat, and trust us, heads will turn and you will be equally handsome, comfortable and warm.

Now that you know your essentials, go on and grab onto them and start the winter grooming process. The season’s weather is unforgiving, so don’t be caught unprepared.

Peter a men’s grooming editor for High Style Lifemagazine. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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